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The editor in chief or handling editor reserve the right to decline, without external review of papers that do not present significant novelty, scientific impact or meet journal criteria. Authors must follow ethics in publication they will be responsible for originality of results and duplicate submission or plagiarism. All authors are requested to disclose any type potential conflict of interest on time of submission.

Regular paper:
                       Manuscript must contain appropriate section including abstract, key words, Introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgments and references. To ensure conciseness, maximum word count for manuscript could be up to 5,000 words including all parts of manuscript (text, figures captions, and table legends etc.) except references.

Review Articles:
 Must contain brief summary of the proposed article and a complete literature review in relevant field including recent developments. To ensure conciseness, maximum word count for review article could be up to 15,000 words including all parts of article except references.

Short Communications:
                                      The results of partial research or preliminary studies can be submitted as a short communication at the time of submission. To ensure conciseness, maximum word count for short communication could be up to 3,000 words including all parts of manuscript (text, figures captions, and table legends etc.) except references.

Letters to the Editor:
                                  Any letters to the editors will be reviewed by editorial board and authors will be asked for their response if needed. To ensure conciseness, maximum word count for letter to the editor could be up to 15,00 words including all parts except references.

Cover letter:
A detailed cover letter is needed at the time of submission of article stating that the work submitted to IJCBS has not been published previously (except in the form of academic thesis or an abstract or as part of a published lecture) and also that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. It must state also that’s all authors or authorizes involved in work agrees to submit article to IJCBS and that, if accepted, it will not be published in English or any other language without prior written permission of IJCBS copy right holder.

Changes in names of authors or corresponding author is acceptable only before publication of manuscript with a solid reason. 

                 Acceptance of article means the transfer of all copyrights to the publisher of journal. Any type of reproduction or any other activity needs prior written permission from the publisher of journal.

Submission and review process:
Submission of article is required through e-mail to following address:
muhammadasifhanif@ymail.com . During review process status of manuscript can be checked through same e-mails. Authors are requested to revise their manuscripts within 45 days. Revised manuscript will be again sent for review if required. Revising a manuscript does not automatically mean that it will be accepted for publication in IJCBS. A detailed reply to reviewer comments needed on submission of revised manuscript and changes made must be highlighted in the manuscript.

                                                                       Article structure 

Subdivision - numbered sections: 
                                                       Preferred article language is American. Please make sure than article font is "Times New Roman" font size is "12" and it is double spaced. Tables and figures should be provided after references and figures should follow tables. Article must be divided into well-defined and consecutively numbered sections and subsections like 1.1 (then 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...), 1.2, etc. except abstract, keywords, acknowledgements and references. Please provide subsection heading in bold plus italics. Used units should be of international system (SI). Abbreviations must be defined at their first in manuscript. Please do not include abbreviation in the abstract. Appendices (A1, A2,…), equations (E1, E2,…), formulae (F1, F2, …), tables ( Table 1, Table 2, …) and Figures (Fig.1, Fig. 2,...) should be given separate numbering.

       Tile must be concise, informative and should clearly represent contents of article. Try to avoid formulae and abbreviations where possible. 

Author names and affiliations:
                                            Please provide complete authors name, full postal address of each affiliation, and e-mail. Use a lower-case superscript letter immediately after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address to indicate all affiliations. Corresponding author or submitting author should be indicted by a"*" immediately after the author’s name. Corresponding author will handle manuscript at all stage and needed to provide his full contact details including postal address, e-mail, fax and telephone (with country and area code).

             A concise abstract stating purpose of the research, important results, significant findings and major conclusions is required with a word count from 200 to 250 words. References are not recommended to be included in abstract. Graphical abstract is optional.

               A maximum of 5 keywords must be provided. Only well-known abbreviation/s can be included as a keyword.

1. Introduction: 
                      It is needed to provide an adequate background of work, a very brief literature review and important objectives of study in the present section. Please do not include summery of methodology or results in introduction.

2. Materials and Methods: 
                                     Sufficient details of methodology must be provided to allow reproduction of the work. Methods followed must be indicated by a reference.
3. Results and Discussion: 
                                     A combine result and discussion section is required to publish your articles in IJCBS. Authors hold the responsibility of originality of results. Extensive citations and discussion of already published work must be avoided.

4. Conclusions: 
                      Novel findings and important results may be presented in this section.

                             Funding agency or other individuals those who provide help during the research can be listed here.

                 Minimum of 12 recent and relevant references must be provided. The references must cite recent and relevant research only. At least half of the references included should be published within the last 10 years. References should be listed in the order in which they appear in the text. References should be citied in the text like [1], [2],… etc. It is recommended to avoid web references. However, where it is necessary to include them the full URL and date last accessed should be given.

Reference to a journal publication: 
                                                 [1] M.A. Hanif., M.I. Jilani., A. Majeed and I. Ullah. (2012). Title of article. International Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Sciences. Vol. no. (issue no.) pages. 

Reference to a book:
                              [2] M.A. Hanif and M.S. Jamil. (2012). Title of book. Edition, Publisher and its address. pp. (page numbers).

 Reference to a chapter in an edited book: 
                                                            [3] M.I. Jilani and A. Majeed (2012). Title of chapter, in M.A. Hanif and M.S. Jamil (Eds.). Title of book. Edition, Publisher and its address. pp. (page numbers).

Tables should be numbered consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text. Foot notes to tables can be placed below the table body. Foot note needed to be indicating with superscript lowercase letters.
Figures captions: 
                         Figures should also be numbered consecutively in accordance with their appearance in the text. Please provide detailed caption to each figure.

          Proofs of article will be sent to corresponding author by e-mail. Proofreading is solely responsibility of corresponding author. All corrections are sent back to us within 48 hours in one communication. Otherwise article will be published as it is.

              Electronic offprints in the form of a PDF file will be provided to the corresponding author free of cost. Paper off prints (25 minimum) can be order at the cost 200 USD.